Grizzly Gulch Gallery
GGG-AD Afternoon Delights
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Great for beginners, this dramatic quilt is delightfully fast and easy. Desgined Ann Lauer of Grizzly Gulch Gallery, instructions for wall, queen and king quilts. Use your large scale prints you don't want to cut up into small piece and four coordinates - "Afternoon Delight"
Price: $8.50
Quantity:  Each
GGG-SD Sheer Delight Pattern
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Use your large scale print and coordinates to make a quilt that is simply a "Sheer Delight" Simple construction of 4 patches, half square triangle and fast flying geese. Make a Wall, Queen or King quilt, designed by Ann Lauer of Grizzly Gulch Gallery.
Price: $8.00
Quantity:  Each
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